Saturday, July 14, 2018

Starting Sequence

All boats must have a dedicated VHF radio for contact to/from the Race Committee Boat during the race.

The Start and Finish line is near Gales Ledge (A), between Trident, the Race Committee Boat. and a moveable mark.

A 1-gun signal at 10:45 am will indicate the start of the race.

All boats will start at the time indicated on the Scratch Sheet. Each starting boat will be given a 3-minute warning via VHF radio prior to its start time.

A 2-gun signal indicates the start of the race is delayed. If the first start is delayed, all other starts will be delayed by the same amount of time.

Two horn blasts by the Committee Boat indicates a Restart of the race and the first boat will start in 3 minutes.

➤ The Race Committee Boat may anchor either side of Nun 6 to avoid Gales Ledge.

➤ The Start line is always crossed in the direction of the first mark.

➤ A boat crossing the start line early must round the Committee Boat or the moveable mark and restart across the starting line. Boats may not dip the starting line.

➤ Honor cans 3, 5, 7 on the way to or returning from Newcombs. If you sail between two cans you must exit between the same two cans.

➤ The Finish line is crossed from the direction of the preceding mark.

If you withdraw after starting, please come to the Committee Boat to report your intention to withdraw, or report to the Committee Boat by radio. The Race Committee Monitors VHF 72. The Race Committee wants to account for all boats, so please report as noted if you withdraw.