Saturday, July 14, 2018


The race is sailed on a triangular course of 12.3 miles, using Gales Ledge Buoy (A), Eastern Point Whistle (B) and Newcombs Ledge Whistle (D) as marks of the course. Each mark is designated by a letter to simplify posting the course.

THE MARKS                                                                                       LETTER

Gales Ledge Buoy R                                  N6                                    A

Eastern Point Whistle                                    F1 R 4 Sec.-R 2          B

Newcombs Ledge Whistle                            F1 G 4 Sec.-1             D

Posted at the stern of Trident, the Race Committee Boat, is a number which indicates the race course in accordance with the sequence of marks:


            3                                                    A-B-D-A

            5                                                    A-D-B-A

Based on weather conditions, either course No. 3 or No. 5 will be selected. For Course 3, leave all marks to Starboard. For Course 5, leave all marks to Port.

 Any skipper who does not honor the marks will be disqualified. The course may be shortened at the discretion of the Race Committee. Listen for the two gun signal and look for the S flag and the yellow flag, indicating Trident is on station at the Finish. The Race Committee Boat Monitors VHF 72.