Saturday, July 14, 2018

2018 Race Information Page


S.S. Crocker Memorial Race

52nd Anniversary

Saturday, July 14, 2018


      The S.S. Crocker Memorial Race is held annually off the coast of Manchester, Massachusetts. It is a fun-filled family sailboat race founded to celebrate the life and accomplishments of noted American Naval architect S.S. Crocker. The race is open to any and all sailboats. Wood and fiberglass boats are welcome.

S.S. Crocker was described by the late Bud McIntosh (a noted wooded boat builder) as a “brilliant and innovative designer-engineer, superb draftsman, creator of a vast and varied fleet of hansom and useful boats.”

The race is sponsored jointly by the Manchester Yacht Club and the Manchester Harbor Boat Club.


The Course

The race is sailed on a triangular course of 12.3 miles, using Gales Ledge Buoy (A), Eastern Point Whistle (B) and Newcomb’s Ledge Whistle (D) as marks of the course. Each mark is designated by a letter to simplify posting the course.

Posted at the stern of Trident, the Race Committee Boat, is a number which indicates the race course in accordance with the sailing Instructions.



Your handicap is established based on either your PHRF Certificate OR the information provided on your Entry Form. All boats are encouraged to have a 2018 Mass Bay Sailing Association PHRF Certificate. If you do not have one, the Race Committee will assign a PHRF Rating.

Handicaps result in a staggered order of starting times so that all boats have the opportunity to finish first. The overall winner will be the first boat over the Finish line.

The Scratch Sheet, noting your class, fleet and starting time, will be available at the Skippers’ Meeting and on and The morning of the race it will also be posted at both the MHBC Dock and the Manchester Yacht Club. Copies will be available from Race Committee members at MYC.


Starting Sequence

All boats must have a dedicated VHF radio for contact to/from the Race Committee Boat during the race.

The Start and Finish line is near Gales Ledge (A), between Trident, the Race Committee Boat, and a moveable mark.

A 1-gun signal at 10:45 am will indicate the start of the race.

All boats will start at the time indicated on the Scratch Sheet. Each starting boat will be given a 3-minute warning via VHF radio prior to its start time.

A 2-gun signal indicates the start of the race is delayed. If the first start is delayed, all other starts will be delayed by the same amount of time.

Two horn blasts by the Committee Boat indicates a Restart of the race and the first boat will start in 3 minutes.

Boats withdrawing from the race after starting should proceed to the Committee Boat to report your intention to withdraw, or report to the Committee Boat by radio. The Race Committee Monitors VHF 72. The Race Committee wants to account for all boats, so please report as noted if you withdraw.


Skippers Meeting

A Skippers’ Meeting will be held Friday evening, July 13, 2018 at 1930 at Crocker’s Boat Yard. You are all urged to attend.

At this meeting, the Committee will present basic information about:

➤  Rules of the Road

➤  Start Sequence

➤  The Course: marks and signals

➤  The Finish: that’s easy.

Copies of the Scratch Sheet will be available at the Skippers’ Meeting. The Scratch Sheet will also be posted at both the Manchester Yacht Club and Manchester Harbor Boat Club Dock the morning of the Race.




If you have any questions or require further information please contact Manchester Yacht Club Race Committee Chair Paula Filias at